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All-New BMW X5: North American Debut in Los Angeles

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http://www.sportssystems.com/applib/PDFload.cfm?file=/email/filehost/DR136.pdfThe completely
redesigned 2007 BMW X5 will
make its North American debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show. This
new "Sports Activity Vehicle"
continues to set new standards for it class, something the X5 has
done for almost seven years. The
new X5 is now available in showrooms.

When it arrived, BMW's X5 could have simply added another respected
premium nameplate to the
ranks of sport-utility vehicles. Instead, it redefined the class.
BMW's description of that original X5 as
a "Sports Activity Vehicle" represented a new approach to the
concept of a traditional SUV-one that
linked handling, performance and agility to the conventional
attributes of practicality, versatility and off-
road ability.

Before its launch, some skeptics raised serious doubts about "a BMW
sport-utility vehicle." But with
seven years of acclaim by owners and critics, and some 580,000 X5s
produced in BMW's
Spartanburg, South Carolina factory, the X5 has become the very
definition of sporting SUVs - or, as
BMW prefers to categorize it, the iconic Sports Activity Vehicle
(SAV). And for 2007, BMW refines that
definition with an all-new X5, one that includes an even higher
level of achievement in each of those
original concepts.

At the same time, specific goals were set to keep the X5 abreast of
the competition. These included
optional 7-passenger seating, which would increase the X5's
practicality without compromising its
established constellation of attributes. In addition, enhanced
variability and versatility, such as fold-flat
rear seats, roomier cargo area and automatic tailgate, provide even
greater flexibility of usage. It is
this cluster of key attributes that has made SUVs in general so
popular. Finally, the new X5 had to
include an expanded offering of options to satisfy customers'
ever-growing expectations. In addition to
the all-important 3rd-row seating, new possibilities would include
Active Steering, Active Roll
Stabilization, Electronic Damping Control, rearview camera and
variable 2nd-row seating.

In addition, all the attributes present in that original X5 have
been thoroughly enhanced in this new
model. As in previous years, the X5 offers a choice of 6-cylinder
or V-8 performance: the X5 3.0si and
the 4.8i, both of them with better performance and excellent
efficiency. The flagship 4.8i boasts
BMW's all-aluminum Valvetronic V-8, boosted to 4.8 liters and 350
horsepower. The 3.0si features
BMW's new 260-horsepower aluminum/magnesium inline-6. Standard
equipment on both models is a
new 6-speed STEPTRONIC automatic; in a change from previous years a
6-speed manual is no
longer available in the X5. BMW's outstanding xDrive
all-wheel-drive system continues, enhanced via
a closer link between the xDrive electronics and the X5's Dynamic
Stability Control to provide even
quicker, more accurate response.

The rising demands of the class also required a clean-sheet
chassis, with modest increases in virtually
all interior and exterior dimensions. The result provides real
advantages in terms of space, comfort
and carrying capacity without turning the X5 into a "really big
SUV." Despite the increase, the 2007 X5
remains within the mid-size class. With an overall length of 191.1
inches, the X5 still tapes in well
under such full-size competitors as the Lexus GX 470, Cadillac SRX
and Range Rover HSE.

Another key part of that new chassis, the X5's new front suspension
represents a break with a 45-
year-old BMW tradition: It's a double wishbone multi-link design
with upper A-arms combined with
double-pivot lower links-the first non-strut design since 1961.
The company's departure from its
traditional dual-pivot strut front suspension was dictated by
customers' increasing expectations for ride
and handling. Combined with a longer wheelbase, wider track and
BMW's revised 4-link Integral rear
suspension, the new front design sets new standards for on-road
ride and handling, as well as
improved all-road ability. In keeping with its original mission,
the X5's focus still places more emphasis
on pavement performance, keeping it well abreast of the

Even with all these changes, the 2007 X5 retains the basic
character of the original, which was an
additional primary design parameter. As the benchmark vehicle in
the class, the X5 needed
enhancement, not replacement. Maintaining the balance of its
original attributes while raising the level
of each was the primary goal, one that makes the X5 all-new, but
still familiar. And just like the
original, still setting standards.

X5 3.0si: The latest edition of BMW's trademark inline-6 makes the
most accessible X5 even
more appealing
BMW's newest 6-cylinder engine makes its debut in the X5 3.0si.
This aluminum/magnesium
composite inline-6 features the latest engine technology from the
company whose middle name is
"motor." Almost all vehicle manufacturers of 6-cylinder engines
have adopted the V-6 format, whose
compactness is advantageous in small or midsize cars with
front-wheel drive. By contrast, BMW's
inline 6-cylinder engines are brilliant for their smoothness and
sound, and treasured for these
attributes. An increase in fuel efficiency and even tighter
control of emissions were also set as goals
for this BMW engine generation.

Compared to the previous X5 3.0i model's engine, the new motor
achieves notable progress on all
- Greater power, 260 hp vs. 225 hp - a very impressive 86.8
- Greater torque, 225 lb-ft. vs. 214, and stronger torque
characteristics across the broad range
of engine speeds. Appropriately for a substantial SAV, the new
engine attains its maximum torque at
just 2750 rpm.
- Higher revving ability. The "redline" is 7000 rpm, vs.
6500 for the previous engine. This
allows the X5 driver to "wind out" the engine for maximum
acceleration and exciting sound.
- Superior fuel efficiency. Even though performance is
enhanced, EPA mileage ratings are
significantly improved; the city value increases by 1 mpg, the
highway by 2, compared to the '06 X5
3.0i with automatic transmission.
- Reduced weight - 22 lb. less. Had BMW engineers
developed the previous engine to meet
their goals, it would have added about 30 lb. - and thus would have
weighed fully 52 lb. more than the
new engine actually does.
- More compact - Because there is just one external drive
belt, vs. the previous two, overall
engine length is about an inch shorter. This frees space for other
vehicle attributes customers value,
such as climate control, passenger's-side airbag, a capacious glove
compartment or impact-
absorption capabilities.

Compared to its most recent predecessor, the new engine delivers a
tangible performance boost: 0-60
mph in 7.8 sec. vs. 8.3 for the '06 X5 3.0i with automatic
transmission. The new 6-speed automatic
also plays a role in this stronger performance.

X5 4.8i: The original Valvetronic V-8 delivers more power and
torque with the same refinement
Under the X5 4.8i hood is a further evolution of this
technologically advanced and unique V-8 engine.
As such, it continues BMW's revolutionary Valvetronic system, which
controls engine power by varying
valve lift instead of relying on a conventional throttle.

With Valvetronic, engine breathing - air induction - is controlled
by varying valve lift rather than
opening and closing a throttle. At minimum lift, the engine is
idling or decelerating; at maximum lift, it
delivers full power. Valvetronic varies valve lift according to
the driver's demands for power from the

The X5 4.8i's engine torque production is improved over a wider rpm
range. The new, higher torque
peak of 350 lb-ft. occurs over a range from 3400 to 3800 rpm,
compared to the predecessor's 3600
rpm. Acceleration from 0 to 60 mph is 0.4 sec. quicker, though the
perceived performance increase
across the speed range may seem more impressive to many drivers.

The X5 4.8i's performance improves significantly compared to the
4.4i. The new V-8 adds 35 hp and
26 lb-ft. of torque over previous 4.4-liter engine, yet retains the
ultra-refined operation (smoothness) of
its predecessor. Even though performance is increased
significantly, EPA mileage ratings are little

Standard on both models: an evolved 6-speed STEPTRONIC
Unlike the previous X5, the 2007 includes a 6-speed STEPTRONIC
automatic as standard equipment.
The previous 6-speed manual on the 6-cylinder X5 has been
eliminated. This updated automatic also
benefits from a number of refinements in the X5, designed to
improve both performance and fuel
efficiency-particularly in the case of the previous 5-speed in the
3.0i. Compared to the 5-speed
automatic of the previous 3.0i model, the new transmission reduces
fuel consumption at cruising

The new transmission also features an entirely new shifter.
Instead of the previous mechanical lever,
it is entirely electric/electronic and similar in concept to that
of the 7 Series. With the X5's console-
mounted lever, Reverse, Neutral and Drive appear "inline" on the
lever's markings, and are selected
by tipping the lever forward or rearward. Park is engaged via a
separate button at the lever's top. The
transmission's three modes-Drive, Sport and Manual-are selected by
toggling the lever left or right.

New technology to lower emissions and improve fuel economy
The new X5 also utilizes a number of technologies designed to
reduce fuel consumption, which in turn
lowers CO2 emissions. The approach was to consider all aspects of
vehicle operation, with particular
attention to reducing friction. The power-steering pump is
designed to reduce hydraulic pressure in
the system during straight-ahead driving, when no assist is
required. In addition, the X5's new
Pentosin power-steering fluid reduces drag in low-temperature
operation. Drag-reducing efforts in the
differentials include double angular-contact ball bearings, which
produce less friction than
conventional bearings.

Unique in the segment: Active Steering and AdaptiveDrive.
The new BMW X5 is the first vehicle in its class to offer Active
Steering as an option. This advanced
system developed by BMW offers the right steering ratio at all
speeds. Up to a speed of
approximately 55 mph (90 km/h), steering behavior is more direct,
meeting the requirements of
sporting and active driving. Another advantage is that the driver
only has to turn the steering wheel
twice from lock to lock. At higher speeds, on the other hand, the
Active Steering transmission is more
indirect, enhancing the directional stability of the vehicle and,
accordingly, driving comfort.

Active Steering, when ordered, is combined in the new BMW X5 with
Servotronic for optimal power
steering boost at all speeds. Active Steering can also help to
stabilize the X5 should the driver
experience the onset of oversteering or understeering in a bend or
in particularly demanding brake
maneuvers. When applying the brakes on surfaces with varying
frictional coefficients (split-friction
braking), for example, Active Steering precisely but discreetly
countersteers to help the X5 stop in a
sure straight line.

Carefully coordinated interaction of the anti-roll bars and shock
absorbers by way of AdaptiveDrive,
part of the Sport Package in the U.S., is equally unique in this
SAV's segment. This combination of
Active Roll Stabilization and Electronic Damping Control gives the
new BMW X5 a standard of
handling capability and ride quality never seen before in a vehicle
of this kind. Using sensors,
AdaptiveDrive constantly monitors and calculates data on the road
speed of the vehicle, its steering
angle, straight-line and lateral acceleration, body and wheel
acceleration, as well as height levels.
Then, based on this information, the system controls both the
swivel motors on the anti-roll bars and
the electromagnetic shock-absorber valves, controlling body roll
and damping as required at all times.

Simply by pressing a button, the driver can choose either a
sporting or a more comfortable basic
setting of AdaptiveDrive.

World debut: data transfer via FlexRay.
The FlexRay high-speed data transmission system is used for the
first time in the industry for fast and
reliable coordination of all AdaptiveDrive functions. FlexRay has
been enhanced to production
standard by a consortium of development companies under the
leadership of BMW. This system
offers a level of data transfer capacity never seen before. The
new BMW X5 is the first vehicle in the
world to feature FlexRay technology.

BMW Group In America
BMW of North America, LLC has been present in the United States
since 1975. ROLLS-ROYCE
Motor Cars NA, LLC began distributing vehicles in 2003. The BMW
Group in the United States has
grown to include marketing, sales, and financial service
organizations for the BMW brand, the MINI
brand, and the ROLLS-ROYCE brand of Motor Cars; DesignworksUSA, an
industrial design firm in
California; a technology office in Silicon Valley and various other
operations throughout the country.
BMW Manufacturing Co., LLC in South Carolina is part of BMW Group's
global manufacturing network
and is the exclusive manufacturing plant for all Z4 Roadster and X5
Sports Activity Vehicles. The
BMW Group sales organization is represented in the U.S. through
networks of 339 BMW passenger
car centers, 334 BMW Sports Activity Vehicle centers, 143 BMW
motorcycle retailers, 80 MINI
passenger car dealers, and 30 ROLLS-ROYCE Motor Car dealers. BMW
(US) Holding Corp., the
BMW Group's sales headquarters for North, Central and South
America, is located in Woodcliff Lake,
New Jersey.

Information about BMW Group products is available to consumers via
the Internet at:


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Journalist note: Information about the BMW Group and its products
is available to journalists on-line
at the BMW Group PressClub at the following address: www.press.bmwgroup.com . Broadcast
quality video footage is available via The NewsMarket at www.thenewsmarket.com .

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All-New BMW X5: North American Debut in Los Angeles
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