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BMW Extends MOST to X5, R56 MINI, 3 Series Coupe Models

SMSC’s Media Oriented Systems Transport (MOST) networking technology has been selected as part of the infotainment systems for the recently launched BMW X5, R56 MINI and 3 Series Coupe platforms. The launch of MOST on the X5 represents the first full featured OEM implementation of SMSC's new Intelligent Network Interface Controller (INIC) architecture, designed to simplify the design of robust MOST based network nodes. MOST is the infotainment network in over 40 vehicle platforms on the road today.

The INIC solution is a complete system-on-chip, leveraging SMSC's MOST NetServices network driver to set up a MOST interface, which provides network stability independent from potential misbehavior of external applications. In addition, it provides easy access to all data transportation mechanisms on a MOST Network. It also incorporates SMSC's MediaLB, a low cost and low pin count inter-chip communication bus developed to allow applications to connect to a MOST network with minimum hardware overhead, independent of physical layer or speed grade.

"SMSC's MOST solution was first adopted into volume production by BMW in 2001," said Christian Thiel, Vice President and Managing Director of SMSC's Automotive Infotainment Systems product line. "Since then, the technology has evolved to interoperate with a broad set of consumer applications as people demand increased device connectivity in the car. Our new INIC architecture is allowing us to meet the increasingly complex task of seamlessly transporting high bandwidth multimedia content inside the car.”

"Technology aside, meeting the strict performance, quality and interoperability requirements of auto makers like BMW is no easy task. Our MOST service offering delivers on them all, and as a result, it's the standard infotainment network across the full range of BMW volume platforms," he added.

MOST multimedia technology enables the networking of feature-rich infotainment systems in automobiles by providing the means to distribute multimedia entertainment functions among the various control devices around the car. For example, a CD changer, radio, global positioning system, mobile telephone and DVD player can be established in an efficient ring network and can send crisp, static-free audio signals digitally to the amplifier by utilizing the MOST network.

SMSC's is a supplier to nearly every major European automaker for MOST-based infotainment semiconductor solutions, including Audi, BMW, Land Rover, DaimlerChrysler, Porsche, Saab and Volvo. SMSC is a member of the steering committee of the MOST Cooperation, an association of several carmakers and their premier suppliers working to establish and refine a common standard for the evolving requirements of automotive multimedia networking.

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BMW Extends MOST to X5, R56 MINI, 3 Series Coupe Models
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